Visiting Cancun? Where to stay while you’re here

 Cancun Has Some of the World’s Finest Accommodations, So Which one to choose?

Whether you’re here for the night, or here for the week, it’s important to make the best out of your stay, after all, we hope it won’t be, but it may be your last visit to Cancun, so why not make it a memorable one?

Bel Air Collection Hotel & Spa Cancun
Full StarFull StarFull StarHalf StarEmpity Star

Blvd Kukulcan Km 20 5 Hotel Zone

Gran Melia Cancun
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpity Star

Boulevard Kukulkan Km 16.5

Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpity Star

Boulevard Kukulcan 16.5 L48 M53

Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarHalf Star

Retorno del Rey, Km 14 Zona Hotelera

Are just a few of the destination accommodations you should consider while you’re here.  The pricing for these is very advantageous since the local economy has been encountering a fairly significant down-trend in real estate pricing.  This information especially makes sense if you are considering buying yourself a permanent place here in Cancun.  The opportunity is huge if you wanted to purchase a location and provide short term rental to vacationers.  This is a fairly common practice in locations like Cancun, but we highly recommend that you investigate a property management software which can help you navigate the various issues of collecting rents, screening tenants, and other such landlord “musts”.

Who Builds Skateboard Decks?

Generally speaking when you purchase a new skateboarding deck, the material was grown and assembled into a skateboard somewhere in Asia.  The problem with getting a custom made skateboard built in the U.S. is that you are going to end up paying a way more than something that has been imported.  If you really feel it necessary, you can look up the contact information for the skateboarding company and ask them where the boards are produced.

Some private companies and individuals have their own skateboard press and make the boards and graphics on the boards.  Sometimes the building can even be done by someone like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor who has a little too much extra time on his hands!  Often time you will find that private individuals who build skateboards are wood craftsmen that have multiple talents and probably do not make all of their income from building the boards – so it’s more of a passion than a hobby.

The original skateboard maker was actually just a surfer who decided that it would be cool to replicate the feeling of surfing, except on the ground.  So he put wheels on a surf board and went from there!   Do you have any cool ideas about skateboarding or surfing that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about them!

Best Skateboarding Gear to Buy

kids skateboard

There are a number of awesome skateboarding champions like Tony Hawk and Shaun White that are identified as some of the best in the sport. These guys arent known as much as longboarders. As any longboarder knows your deck is not just any old deck under your feet, yet a piece of you and some piece of your experience. There are such a variety of different options out there for you longboard. Length, width, wheelbase, curved, rocker, wheel flares, gas pedals… You may not by any means know 50% of what I am discussing here.We will get more into what is important in your board below.

Have you ever pondered what setup a best on the planet rides? Possibly you need to get a bit of what he best rides. Patrick Switzer as of late opened up his quiver vault to edify us with a few responses to that question. You can look at his post by going by, he additionally has an as of late discharged a PDF with his setups from as far once more as 2003, click here to look at that little goodie. As of now he has been brandishing his Rayne Pro Model, the Fortune with Ronin trucks and Orangatang wheels. During the time he has additionally ridden loads up from organizations like Fullbag, Landyachtz, Earthwing, DB and Sector 9, which was his first. I am not saying that only in light of the fact that you ride the same board as P-Swiss you will be a champion as well however it unquestionably doesn’t damage to make your experience a tiny bit better with another deck. Here at Social we are continually getting new decks, finishes trucks and wheels for you to look over. I promise we have something here that is ideal for you.

Top Skateboards to Choose

Z-Flex finishes are processing plant gathered with trucks, wheels, heading, fittings and hold tape. Fundamentally open the case and you are prepared to go.

Z-Flex has sheets for all expertise levels and comprehends that everybody is distinctive which is the reason they have an assortment of representation accessible that will please anybody.

Gremmie finishes are processing plant gathered with, Ruckus trucks, 78a wheels, Abec 3 heading, fittings and hold tape. Fundamentally open the case and you are prepared to go.

Gremmie has sheets for all expertise levels and comprehends that everybody is distinctive which is the reason they have an assortment of representation accessible that will please anybody.

Santa Clause Cruz finishes are processing plant gathered. Essentially open the crate and you are prepared to go.

Wide 10.5 x 27.5 Deck

Krux The Man Trucks

OJ 60mm 78a Hot Juice wheels

Santa Clause Cruz has sheets for all expertise levels and comprehends that everybody is distinctive which is the reason they have an assortment of representation accessible that will please anybody.

Globe G1 Full On Complete-7.9 Dead Flowers

W – 7.9/ Globe G1 Full On Complete-7.9 Dead Flowers

Globe G1 Full On Complete-7.9 Dead Flowers

$60.95 MSRP $81.95 26% Off

Compose first audit

In Stock & prepared to ship

Size Selected(w – 7.9)

W – 7.9

Shade Selected(globe G1 Full On Complete-7.9 Dead Flowers)

Globe G1 Full On Complete-7.9 Dead Flowers

Globe finishes are plant gathered with trucks, wheels, orientation, fittings and hold tape. Fundamentally open the case and you are prepared to go.

Globe has sheets for all ability levels and comprehends that everybody is distinctive which is the reason they have a mixed bag of design accessible that will please anybody.

All Globe finishes are 100% genuine and come immediate from the merchants, we don’t convey any thump offs on our whole site. Different things from Globe:

Globe Beanies

Globe Bearings

Globe Skateboard Completes

Globe Longboard Decks

General Information about Skateboarding

Is it accurate to say that you are Too Young to Learn to Skateboard?

Nope!! Without a doubt, there will be children that are similar to 4 years of age that are as of now more distant ahead then you in skateboarding, however you will never be to old to skateboard. I know no less than 20 extreme skateboarders that are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s!!! I say pull out all the stops, and provide for it your everything in light of the fact that skateboarding is an all around beneficial game that you will love forever!!!!!!!

You are still adolescent. Also, its never past the point where it is possible to learn anything. 🙂 I’m 16, and I need to do vaulting. Notwithstanding the way that I am considered excessively old to begin, I am not letting that stop me.

To what extent will it take you to learn?

In the event that this is something you truly like and need to do, put it all on the line! In the event that you truly are committed and decided, you will be kick flipping and doing ollies in a matter of seconds. 🙂

Relies on upon the amount exertion and commitment you put into it. Figuring out how to ride a board shouldn’t take long. To get a decent feel on your board however you ought to ride it around all over the place you go, for example, the post box, alcohol store, or whatever. Learning traps then again may take heaps of practice, a few skaters I know were regularly great at skateboarding and got on rapidly. Concerning me, It took alot of practice to turn into a respectable skater. I’ve been skating for a year and I know how to ollie, push it, 180, heelflip, kickflip, bigspin and so forth. For a learner you may need to begin of with a world commercial enterprises or darkstar complete, they’re truly modest and you can discover them at zumiez, and on the web.

there isn’t generally a response to this inquiry. you can figure out how to simply ride around on a skateboard in simply a day. however to learn traps on a skateboard is a hard process. learning traps on a skateboard can take quite a while to perform in light of the fact that it requires a ton of exertion and time to ace. indeed a standout amongst the most basic traps, for example, an ollie can assume control over a month to learn.

there are likewise numerous sorts of skateboards out there. in the event that you need to learn traps, then you ought to get a road skateboard, which is around 32 to 31 inches in length, and 7.5 to 8.5 inches wide. on the off chance that you need to simply voyage around the city, then you ought to get a longboard or a cruiser. longboards are regularly much bigger than a road skateboard, and the wheels are much gentler and more extensive so its much less demanding to ride at the outset. however longboarding can likewise be truly hazardous on the grounds that it can go much quicker than a road skateboard.

as I would see it, i think getting a cruiser first to simply ride around is best for a fledgling on the grounds that cruisers are regularly much less demanding to skate on the grounds that they have milder and more extensive wheels. anyhow after you feel sure riding a cruiser, then you ought to presumably purchase a road skateboard, which you can do traps on.

one all the more thing, when you skate, dont skate with your flip flounders or running shoes on, in light of the fact that you’ll inevitably tear them and perhaps harm your feet. so get fitting skate shoes from trusted brands, for example, vans, fallen, nike sb, es, emerica, etnies, dvs, lakai and so forth.

Kid’s Skateboarding in Cancun

Why Choose Skateboarding in Cancun?

There are numerous wonderful activities to pursue in Cancun, including swimming, fishing, and boating, but that’s not why you are here.  You want to do some mad skateboarding.  There is nothing more exhilarating than riding a half pipe or doing a kickflip off of a 4 foot ramp.

When starting off skateboarding it’s important to start with the right safety equipment.  It can be difficult getting a child to wear all of the proper skateboarding safety equipment but it pays off big time.  Wearing the right gear can give a kid the confident stance toward skateboarding necessary to progress from a simple ollie to more difficult feats like the kickflip and 360.  Even Tony Hawk had to start somewhere!  It is important to talk to your young skater about the importance of safety and possibly even show him or her some youtube videos

of skateboarders getting involved in falls and how a helmet and pads can be very important to helping get started can be.

Why Skateboarding in Cancun?

One of the great things about Cancun is the many places that can provide great opportunities to get some good skate time in.  It sure doesn’t hurt that the weather is awesome and can allow days and hours of skateboarding entertainment without any fear of getting those bearings wet!

So what can I do to get started?

So where are some good places to go for skate parks?

Ask one of the local skaters what the best location for skateboarding is.  One thing we know about skateboarders is that they can find all of the best spots very quickly.

When first learning to skateboard it is important to get the proper stance on the board.  Both feet should be pointed in the same direction and placed directly over the trucks.  The first thing the skateboarder should learn to do is mount and dismount the board.  This can be done by placing the front foot on the board then placing all of the skaters weight on the front foot.  After the weight is on the front foot, the rear foot easily and safely can be placed on the back or tail side of the board.

Dismounting is simply done in the reverse order.  All of the weight is placed on the front foot, then the rear foot can come off of the board.

After mounting and dismounting is done, the skater can learn how to steer the board.  Steering is done by placing more of the weight on the rear foot then walking the board in short spurts in one direction or the other.  The tail of the board should act as a pivot point so when walking the board it will simply move in a circle.

The next part of the skateboarding process is buying the right skateboard.  A great shop called sells boards online and can help you find the perfect board for children.